Wrapping Around the Christmas Tree: DIY Ideas

8 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! But who says you have to wait any longer?

If you’re like us, you’ve already pulled out the bins and boxes, and mayyyybe you’ve even put up a tree! 

Sue has put up some trees already and has helped her daughter in Arizona decorate too! Teri likes to wait to decorate closer to Thanksgiving. 

We love ALL holiday decorators, whether you start on November 1 or wait until the end of the month! 

We also have some great WRAPPING ideas on the blog today! 

I know what you’re thinking . . . why can’t I just get some cute wrapping paper and call it a day?

You can! But, there are SO many creative ways to add a more personal touch to your presents. And they look so great under the tree! Read on to see how we elevated our wrapping game this year.

Here are the stores we hit up for great wrapping paper and present supplies: Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s

  • Wrapping paper—we went with neutrals like black, white, and brown paper. We also threw in some fun patterned paper. Whatever your preference, you can’t go wrong!
  • Tape + Scissors
  • Ribbon or string—we found an assortment of patterned ribbon, plain ribbon, string, twine, and more! 
  • Present accessories—this is where YOU can get CREATIVE! We used peppermint sticks, wood ornaments, faux branches, pom pom garlands, wool garlands, and more! 

We used stripes, polka dots, blues, reds, and fun colors when wrapping. We love bright packaging and eye-popping colors!


Try a monochrome theme, like black-on-black or white ribbon with white wrapping paper. It’s such a cool, modern look! We found inspiration on Pinterest and recreated some photos with darker wrapping paper.


Think outside the box! Your present could use an ornament, sprig of leaves, or even candy to make it cuter. We saw so many accessory ideas online, like hand-drawn paper, stamps, paint swatch tags, and more! 


Homemade pompom garlands and giant peppermint sticks add another fun layer to our gift wrapping!

Don’t forget to personalize with name tags!

hare your own wrapping tips or pictures with us! Comment below—we LOVE getting new ideas! What are your gift wrap secrets?

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