The 1 Thing EVERY Gift Needs

I have been thinking a lot lately about gifts. What can I get this person for their special day?

I go crazy trying to come up with what I think they would like and what would be the perfect gift.  Do you ever go through this routine? Racking your brain trying to come up with the perfect gift? 

You might go days or even weeks trying to come up with something, scrolling Pinterest or Etsy and still….you got nothing! 

But you gotta get something. 

If you don’t, it’s like you don’t love that person and your gift won’t reflect how you really feel. 

So what does every gift NEED? I found this out as I bought gifts, as I made gifts, and as I stayed up at night thinking about gifts. Read on to see what it is! 

We recently celebrated my husband’s 50th birthday, and we had a big shindig where all of our kids came home and we took a trip to Disneyland for a couple of days! It turned out to be a really nice fun family weekend. 

This took MONTHS of planning, as three of our children live out of state. My husband wanted our kids home and the family to be together for his birthday. That is a gift that you can’t get on a shelf.

I still needed some gifts to give for his birthday, so here is what we came up with:

I had all of the kids write down things they loved about their dad, i.e. taught me how to ride a bike, always gives the best hugs, a great listener, a hard-worker, so funny, etc. 

My daughter created a design from all their words, entitled 50 Things We Love About You (found it on Pinterest). Then we framed it and gave it to him. He absolutely loved it! These are the meaningful gifts that you can’t find on a store shelf.

Another gift for my husband was a book of letters that my daughter gathered from people who knew my husband, like coworkers, family members, and childhood friends. She reached out to these people and asked them to give her a memory or just something they wanted to write about my husband. 

She typed it up in a book for him and presented it to him for his birthday. He was overwhelmed by this gift and it is something he will treasure forever.  

What a thoughtful gift that took so much time and energy. That is a gift that can’t be found on any shelf.

For another Valentine’s day a few years ago, my sister and I made little photo books for our husbands. Ours included velcro, buttons, but there are easier ones (find an easy DIY!)

Personalize it any way you’d like, add inside jokes, song lyrics, or reasons why you love someone! 

So are you ready for it? 

Every gift needs a personal touch. 

That’s it?

Yes, that’s it! If you don’t have any thought behind your gifts, it will just be a gift and that is fine but go one step further and really make it special for the person. 

For example, if you’re giving a newlywed couple a toaster or a waffle maker, include your favorite recipes with it!

If you’re giving someone a gift card to their favorite place, attach a handwritten note or a homemade treat! 

Take the time to think one step ahead in your gift-giving. You don’t have to go crazy, but do more than the minimum to really show your love and appreciation. 

Listen to the people you love too. When they mention they like something, take note of it and write it down for future use. Then when you need to buy them a gift, you can refer to those notes. Trust me, those notes have come in handy many times! 

1. Coupon Book:  you can never go wrong with some personalized coupons for your kids, spouse, friend, or parent!

2. Homemade Dinner: bring out the nice plates and tablecloths, and create a dinner (free of phones or TV!) that you can enjoy together

Make someone a homemade breakfast! 

3. Buy yourself flowers! Who says you need a $5 card, chocolate, and roses? Think outside the box and do something you love! 

My daughter made these roses out of strawberries! Dip
some in chocolate and share them with people you love.

4. Go green! A succulent or small plant is a creative gift for your nature-loving friends.

5. Spend quality time with someone. Watch your friend’s favorite movie, or go hiking (even if you really don’t love hiking!)

6. The Happy Jar: find a Mason jar or pint-sized jar, and fill it with scraps of paper that someone can read when they’re feeling down! You can include quotes, favorite memories, qualities you like in that person, etc.! 

7. Leave a fun note around the house! Use post-it notes on someone’s mirror, heart attack someone’s car, or leave a simple note for someone you care about. 

Leave us a comment and tell us what gifts have you made for someone. We would love to hear your ideas.  

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