Teri’s Master Bedroom Makeover

I think we can agree on one thing: it’s easy to shut your bedroom door and hide the mess so that others don’t have to see what’s behind door #2. 

But with a few simple changes, even using things you have at home, your bedroom can become one of your favorite spaces. 

This space is Teri’s master bedroom, and she had been wanting to update it for a while, so one day we just decided LET’S DO THIS! 

Things she wanted for her updated bedroom:

1) something for over the headboard
2) a new rug
3) new bedding
4) curtains
5) anything else we could find that would look good in the space!

Little did we know this makeover and the photos would become one of our TOP VIEWED posts for 2017!!


Her older bedroom wasn’t *bad*, it just didn’t fit her changing needs and styles. 

We made some small changes to her room and it made a big difference to the space. 
and *drum roll please*…..THE FINISHED RESULTS!!

Things we added: baskets at our nearest thrift shop for over the headboard, curtains, pillows, and a rug from Home Goods, lamps from Hobby Lobby, and a throw blanket from Nordstrom Rack.  

Things we left in the room: the round mirrors over the side tables, the bedspread, and the ottoman. 

We brought in photos and other accessories from other spaces in Teri’s home. Don’t forget that is always an option.

We changed out the dark curtains and moved the dark color to the floor to ground the room. We kept the upper half of her room light, airy, and beautiful! It really became a comfortable space to relax and enjoy all that natural light. 

If you want to transform your own room, just GO FOR IT! It really doesn’t take much. Change out pillows, bedding, light fixtures, and colors before you make any furniture changes. Then, rearrange your furniture or mix-and-match from other rooms! Always ask for a second opinion or use Pinterest as inspiration. 

Most of all, do what YOU want and what feels best. Let us know what you think or how you changed your space! What tips do you have? (seriously let us know, we’re always wanting new ideas) 

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