Showing My Easter Table + Fun Family Traditions

When my kids were little we would hide plastic eggs in our backyard and let them go hunt for the prize inside, which was normally candy of some sort. One year we put chocolate inside and soon realized that the sun had melted the chocolate. Lesson learned.

Another fun thing we would do was dye eggs and then we had fun decorating them. We would dip an egg halfway in one color for a few minutes, then turn the egg over and dip the other half in another color. The kids thought that was cool! We would use crayons, glitter, stickers, and just have so much fun with all of the different ways to decorate them. I miss those fun times when my kids were little. They sure go by fast.

Traditions are a great thing to have in a family and I am so glad that we had some when our children were growing up.

A tradition is defined as a belief or a behavior that is passed down from one generation to another. I would like to add to this that it could be something that is important to you or your family like a recipe that you love that you want to preserve. It could be a fun game that your family likes to play. I challenge you to think about your own family and the traditions that are in place now. If none come to mind, it’s never too late to start.

A tradition I have always had is creating beautiful tablescapes for my family. I have created an Easter tablescape from things that I already had around my home except for the flowers which I purchased from my local supermarket.

The blue transferware plates that I used on my table were handed down from my mother to me. These plates were collected over a long period of time. I remember as a child my mother collecting these dishes weekly as our local supermarket at the time had a promotion and were giving them away when purchasing a certain amount in groceries.

It took many months for my mother to accumulate a set of dishes. I don’t remember how long it took her to get the whole set but I do remember her just taking one dish home at a time until she had the completed set. I remember that she loved the pattern and the color. I did too. I also remember that we used the plates all the time and my mother took good care of them.

I am grateful to have these dishes now. I really love them even more because they are a fond memory for me to have and a reminder of the great mother that I have and that I should cook more!

Milk glass is something I love and have been collecting over the years so I pulled out six of my Petalware plates to use on my table. I love these plates because they are so dainty and the glass is almost opaque. It is a very unique glass and one of my very favorites. It dates back to 1899 but the company continued making pieces into the early 1900’s.

I used these plates on top of the blue trasnferware plates. They look so beautiful and you can still see a faint pattern of the blue transferware showing through the Petalware.

The basket weave chargers I used were found at a yard sale and I paid $3 for all six chargers. Not a bad deal. I love to shop yard sales. I use these chargers frequently because they are large and a plate can fit nicely on them. Don’t forget to stop at yard sales, you never know what you will find or what you are passing up if you don’t stop.

Create your own tablescape out of items you already have around your home. Get your kids involved and have fun with it! It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Cut greenery or flowers from your garden if you have one. Have your children tape some paper bags together and then draw some art or paint a picture on the bags for a table runner. Getting the kids involved will get them excited for Easter and set some new traditions for the family.

We are all confined to our homes right now and this is the perfect time to make this fun for everyone! Whatever you do it’s your home and you decide how you spend your time and what traditions you create with your children.

Have a Happy Easter!

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