Our First Blog Post!

July 2017 at our family reunion!

We always knew Wool + Vine would one day have a blog, but it’s been amazing to finally launch and have another place to share our thoughts, along with some of our DIY projects. This will also be a place to share photos and stories and a behind-the-scenes look at our styling techniques.

Teri’s entryway to her cottage home
in Southern California! This is one of our
favorite spots to style because of the
natural lighting. 

We love home decor and design! We are excited to share something we love so much. And let’s face it, we all want beautiful homes, but we know that there’s another story that can be told from “behind the scenes” of these pictures. We’ve seen people tell the real story of their homes, and we have appreciated their openness and honesty. 

As we stage our Instagram pictures, we can tell any story we want to through edited photos. Those photos are sometimes different than reality, but maybe the rooms we style are our “dream homes” for only an hour. Because who really has fresh flowers on their pillow and a clean kitchen every day? Our homes are lived in, not-so-perfect, and we like them like that. (On second thought we’ll take the clean kitchen and a butler and a chef)!!

Similar items will be linked below since most are from Home Goods! 

1. Gold Lamps from Home Goods, Similar Lamps
2. Chair from World Market
3. White Tassel Throw from Home Goods, Throw 1, Throw 2
4. Dough Bowl from Home Goods, Bowl 1, Bowl 2
5. Flowers from Trader Joe’s
6. Sconces from Home Goods, Sconce 1, Sconce 2
7. Basket on Chair from Target Dollar Spot
8. Mirror from Antique Market
9. Buffet Table from Cottage Charm in Murrieta, CA, Similar Tables


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    Tina, thank you for your feedback. We appreciate you taking time to read our first blog post! We are thrilled that you would take this journey with us and are excited for what lies ahead! We are already in August for goodness sake!!! How did that happen? Seriously where did July go? We still have a few good weeks of summer left though, we will not be throwing that away just yet! Have a wonderful night Tina. Thank you again for taking time to stop in and leave us a comment.

  • woolandvinedesign.com

    Thank you Kathleen that means so much to us that you liked our first blog post! We have been working really hard on this blog for a while now and decided today was the day we would publish it so it really means a lot that you liked it! There are more posts to come in the future so stay tuned! It is getting close to the end of summer so we will be getting into the fall and then Christmas season so look for some fun fall and Christmas DIY projects! Thanks again for taking the time to comment, we really do appreciate it Kathleen! Have a wonderful evening.

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