I got to team up with my daughter Jenna over at @jonathanandjenna for a fun Halloween idea with OREOS!

Here is an easy and fun idea you can do at home with your kids and if your kids like cookies, then they are going to LOVE this one! It’s just stacking in a jar, one on top of the next. Sound easy? Let’s get started!

I used Oreo Cookies but you can use whatever you like! Candy or anything you have on hand. Just be creative.

I also had this jar in my home. This same jar can be found at Walmart for $8.97. Any jar with a wide base can be used for this project.

Start by layering the cookies on the bottom of your cookie jar, just the first layer. I used one color here and started with the white Oreos first.

Next, overlap the next layer in between each cookie and use the next color, I used the orange Oreos for the second layer. Then just keep going, alternating the layers and colors until you get to the top!


Hope you enjoyed my Oreo cookie stacks today! Have a Happy Halloween!

Don’t forget to stop by my daughter’s blog Jonathan + Jenna! Look what she did with her Oreos and Halloween treats!

It’s October 1st tomorrow! Can you believe it? Leave me a comment below and tell me what your favorite Halloween treat is! Mine is anything chocolate, YUMMY!

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