One-Day Makeover

With three cans of paint and three hours of work, my living room entertainment center looks like an entirely new piece!! 

Of course I can’t take the credit—my son-in-law painted it this past weekend when he and my daughter came to visit. My husband and daughter also helped paint, and I did a little too. It was a whole family affair!

Take a look at the BEFORE picture of our TV center:
It wasn’t horrible, but the brown polished wood definitely stood out in my lighter, brighter room. I had been wanting a change for so long, and my son-in-law is such a go-getter that this project was done in no time. 

I researched the paint and process a little bit to see whether I should sand down the custom cabinet or take special precautions. 

Luckily I found a mineral-based paint with a built-in sealer in a beautiful “picket fence” white color to save the day. No sanding, no major prep work! 
This paint was found at a farmhouse/decor shop
called Main Street Market in Old Town, Temecula

Here’s how we (they) did it!

1. Clear away the TV, decor, etc.
2. Take off the doors and tape off 
any areas you want to protect 
3. Paint! This entertainment center took 
3 coats to really get that solid finish.
4. Let dry, then return the TV, decor, doors in place!

My daughter taped off the doors, my son-in-law painted his heart out (even getting in the hard-to-reach places), 

Going from this…

To this!

Let us know what you think in the comments! Or if you have any project questions or suggestions, let us know!

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