Mother’s Day and Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day

How will you celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday? It will look different for everyone as we all are in a different situation this year with COVID19. It’s a very different world from the world it once was three months ago. We may all be wearing masks on Sunday but it is Mother’s Day so let’s celebrate all of the mothers in our lives whether they be near or far. They deserve our thanks and love on Sunday and every day.

My Mom

I am lucky because my mom is still living and resides in a home very close to me. I can drive to her house in about 3-4 minutes. She and my dad live in my city and three of my sisters live nearby as well.

My mom and me

My sisters and I have been sharing the responsibility of grocery shopping for my mom and dad during this COVID-19 situation. We don’t want them to be grocery shopping in this whole mess!

Each of us takes one week: we go over and get a list from my parents and then off we go and do their shopping. It’s been hard to find certain things here in Southern California, as I am sure it is in most parts of the country. We have a hard time finding yeast, flour, certain types of jam that my dad likes and sometimes just the essential items like, paper towels, eggs, etc.

I am not sure when things will begin to open up in Southern California. I know some parts of the country have begun to open up and that is not the case here. We will have to wait and see. I am glad our parents are near so we can care for them as they grow older and need our help.

Simple gifts are best

I think this year for my mom, simple will be best and I know she will appreciate that because she will not want a big fuss around Mother’s Day.

Her usual Mother’s Day would be going to church and then having a nice relaxing day, seeing her kids and then having a wonderful dinner and probably grandchildren visiting and calling. Sunday will most likely be calls from her children and grandchildren. It’s going to be very different for her.

Flowers will be a great gift for my mom. I know she would love a nice bouquet of flowers. What mom would not love that? Flowers just brighten up any room and bring in happiness. You can’t help but smile when there are flowers in a room. If you need a good idea for your mom, flowers are always a good idea.

Think about your own garden and if you can pick flowers from your garden, what a treat! Imagine bringing your mother a bouquet of flowers that you have grown with love! She would be in heaven. I picked some of my garden roses this past week and made a bouquet that turned out amazing!

If you don’t have a garden, then try a local nursery for a potted plant or a grocery store for a bouquet of fresh flowers. You may even have a neighbor that has flowers that wouldn’t mind if you picked them. Just ask first!

Some simple gifts would include flowers, potted plants, homemade gifts, and anything special that you know your mom would love. Don’t forget all moms LOVE chocolate!

A great gift idea is to take a teacup or jar you have around your home (I used an old sugar jar) and add a small succulent to it and it makes a great gift to give to mom! Add a nice handwritten note to it and she will love it! The best part is that is doesn’t cost that much. A succulent cost less than $5 and a teacup you probably have lying around your house right now! This is a gift you can deliver in person if your mom lives close by.


If your mom lives out of state and you have to mail a gift, then you may want to think about a gift card that you can email or send by text.

If you take a picture of your family, you could send that to your mom. She would LOVE that as a gift! Moms love pictures of their children and grandchildren. That’s what my son gave to me this year and I love that gift. Pictures of my grandchildren are priceless and there’s nothing I would rather have!

If you can’t send anything, just a phone call is great! Remembering your mother is all you need to do and she will love hearing your voice and that you care enough to reach out and remember her and tell her you love her on Mother’s Day.


To all the mothers out there in every circumstance, all who struggle, to the grandmothers, sisters, aunts, anyone who feels they fall short, first-time mothers, the childless mothers, the mothers who are struggling with infertility, the mothers who are waiting to reunite with children in heaven, mothers with children who have lost their way, mothers battling depression, single mothers, mothers that feel they are inadequate, mothers who are going crazy every day because all of a sudden they are homeschooling for the first time, and mothers everywhere striving for the BEST FOR THEIR CHILDREN EVERY DAY. . . .AND to the NURSES AND HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS who are acting as MOTHERS for children where their mothers can’t be present THANK YOU for being angel mothers in their absence.


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