Master Bath Renovation: Mother/Daughter Edition

What’s better than one renovation? TWO! 

That’s right, we have a special post today because we are featuring two bathroom renovations, with before-and-after photos! One bathroom is in California and the other was in Arizona! 

My master bathroom was completed around September 2018, and my daughter’s master bathroom was completed just a few weeks ago! 


We always wanted to do something about our master bathroom, so we finally made the choice to just do it! The room was a little outdated (we hadn’t updated it much since we bought the home), and we were feeling ready for a reno! 

The renovation process took a few months, but it was so worth it! We used Stonecrest Custom Homes Inc. We replaced the vanity, mirrors, lighting, bathtub, shower….everything!

Here are some photos of my BEFORE and AFTER: 




This bathroom is one of my favorite rooms now! The marble floor feels so smooth every time we walk on it, and I love how light the space is. I’m still looking for a few extra accessories (bathtub caddy, jars, towels, etc.) but we love it! 


Jenna (my daughter) moved to Arizona with her husband last year, and they bought their first home! They went right to work, flipping their master bedroom and bathroom. 

They’re young and handy, so they decided to DIY their bathroom! They replaced the mirrors, lighting fixtures, faucets, and towel bars. My daughter also painted the vanity on her own and added hardware!

I think the whole thing looks so great! It’s amazing what some paint and quick changes can do. 

Here are some photos of her BEFORE and AFTER:

Deciding between mirrors! The gold round
mirror was more popular, but the square mirror
fit the space and the lighting much better. Sometimes
you have to pick the opposite choice!


The difference is amazing!! Can you believe it’s the same bathroom? She took off the cabinets, cleaned and sanded them, and applied 3-4 coats of a Paint-N-Primer in one in semi-gloss! 
Paint color: Boudoir by Behr 

Thanks for checking out our rooms! It was fun to see the transformations! Now we brush our teeth a little bit longer so we have an excuse to stay in that room longer! 

Mirrors: Target
Lighting: Home Depot
Faucets: Lowe’s
Hardware: Lowe’s
Rug: At Home


Mirrors: Pier 1

Vanity: Costco
Tub: Amazon
Tile/Flooring: Arizona Tile + Lowe’s 
Chandelier: World Market

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