Fall is in the air, and we are getting our homes ready for all things pumpkin and spice! Hoping the weather in SoCal cooperates soon—it would be nice to be able to pull out those sweaters!

How about a good Mantel Refresh? We all love to decorate our homes with the new season that is rolling in. That is the fun part of home decor. With every new season comes new decor and a new fresh look for our homes. 

Getting those bins out and sorting through what we have and deciding what we will use from last year and what we may want to add new this year is always a fun task!

We are going to show you a mantel refresh, only using things that we have around our home. We will use elements from the outside and things we have in our decor stash. 

We DO NOT want to buy any new decor for this mantel refresh. We could go to one of our favorite stores and go crazy and get all new decor! BUT, we don’t have to do it this time because we already have what we need from the outdoors and seriously, we have so much in our stash, it would be a crime not to use what we have.

So we are doing this refresh with NO MONEY! That’s right—not spending a dime.

We have said it many times before and we will say it again, SHOP YOUR OWN HOME FIRST. Look around and see what you can use to make your mantel look like a fresh new space for Fall. 

We used a collection of brass candlesticks and pulled a couple of white pumpkins from our fall bin and then added some tree branches from the outdoors to the top of the mantel and that pretty much did the trick. 

We kept it simple and clean. The huge clock was already in place. Adding elements from the outdoors is a great option. Tree branches, garden flowers, or whatever you can find is perfect. It’s your home, so add things that you love.

Here are the quick tips for your own Mantel Refresh:

  1. Take everything off your mantel or shelves
  2. Get out your Fall bins
  3. Shop your home for items you may use for the mantel or shelves
  4. Go outside and see what you can use for the space
  5. Start styling!
Finding inspiration in our own backyards!
The final result!

Show us what your mantel looks like after you have shopped your home! we would love to see what you have created.

Leave us a comment and tell us what you love most about Fall!
Teri and Sue!

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