Jumpstart on Christmas with Tuesday Morning

CHRISTMAS is right around the corner! Are you already getting into the holiday spirit?

This year, Christmas falls on a TUESDAY MORNING! Which is no coincidence, because we’ve partnered with Tuesday Morning to bring you their seasonal collection of holiday items! 

I know what you’re thinking . . . it’s too early! Halloween isn’t here yet! But what we’ve learned in our many, many years of steals, deals, and decorating is that you can never be too prepared or too early for Christmas! Especially when the hot items sell out! 

And let me tell you, these items are beautiful, affordable, and high-quality. They’re so fun! These are not your typical holiday ornaments and decor. 

What we loved about this collection was that you won’t see them in everybody’s homes because they’re one-of-a-kind. 

That’s our favorite kind of decor—not mass produced! Tuesday Morning’s collection was handmade in Germany and Poland.

Tuesday Morning has new deals on Christmas decor EVERY DAY. And these European items are high quality, but low cost. That’s what we like to hear because we love shopping great deals. 

These are some pieces we picked up on our visit there last week. We brought them home, pulled out the tree, and cranked up the Michael Buble because holiday season is here! 

Polish Pottery Ornaments

What’s Christmas without ornaments? Sue collects vintage ornaments, so she was excited to add something new to her collection! 

At Tuesday Morning, there are so many options to choose from. Whatever your decorating style is, you can find something you’ll like. 

Keep it fresh with your ornaments and use them in unexpected ways! 

A look at some of the ornament collection!

Beautifully handcrafted. We love the tiny tree details! 

These can be found for $7.99–8.99! (compare at 12.99 and up)
Steinbach Nutcrackers & Ornaments

We used our vintage scale to style these items!
The Nutcracker totally completes the look!

How cute is this Nutcracker? We had such a hard time choosing just one! 

There were so many cute styles to choose from and we know that each year we will add a new one to our collection, so this will be something to look forward to each Christmas!

One thing that we loved when we were checking out was that these Steinbach Nutcrackers come with a special box for easy storage when Christmas is over. It’s a way to keep it nice and safe until we want to use it again.   

These nutcrackers can be used in many ways, like a great table centerpiece or as Christmas decor around your home.  It’s a wonderful, timeless, classic Christmas piece that we think you will love.   

They also have adorable Chubby Nutcrackers for $59.99 (compare at $129

Individually packaged items!

These are some more adorable mini ornaments! The Steinbach ornaments were $9.99 and the Ulbricht ornaments were $12.99! (compare at $19.99)

Polish Pottery Serveware
Check out these beautiful pieces for your kitchen! We picked up some bowls, mugs, and trays for our hot cocoa bar cart set up! These Polish pieces were handmade and they bring so much holiday style into the home. 

Styling the bar cart is one of our favorite things to do, and these new pieces made it so easy and fun. We played around with marshmallows, cookies, bottle-brush trees we had, and the new mugs, bowls, and trays really made our bar cart special! How cute are these little reindeer on the bowls? Love that detail for the holidays. 

Would you eat off this bar cart? We would! 

The bowls were $7.99, the cups were $8.99, and the tray we used on the bar cart was $24.99! (compare at $60-160) We couldn’t believe the deals we found. This cute, Scandinavian-like style is such a hit—all we need is some pumpkin pie and some hot chocolate and we are in business! 

We could style and decorate with these items all day. Check out more of our Christmas styling below to get ideas for your own home! And head over to your nearest Tuesday Morning store for unique and beautiful items! 

  1. Polish Pottery ornaments $7.99–8.99 (compare at 12.99 and up)
  2. Santa Nutcracker $59.99 (compare at $129
  3. Steinbach ornaments $9.99, Ulbricht ornaments $12.99! (compare at $19.99)
  4. Polish Pottery bowls $7.99 (compare at $15.99)
  5. Polish Pottery mugs/cups $8.99 (compare at $19.99)
  6. Polish Pottery tray $24.99 (compare at $60-160)
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