Introducing our Influencer’s Guide (with release date!)

I have got exciting news to share! My daughter and I have gotten together to create The Influencer’s Guide to Working With Brands! If you don’t know already, my daughter is Jenna @jonathanandjenna and she lives in Arizona where she shares her home and DIY projects along with her husband, Jonathan.

I have been designing and creating spaces over the past 20 years and I love home decor. I started this social media journey 5 years ago and in that time, have worked with many small and large brands. I have become an influencer in the home decor community and I am getting paid to do something I love! You can too! If I can do it, so can you.

As we started writing this guidebook, we talked about things we would want to share with others about our experiences, things we wish we would have known earlier, such as photography, how to get started with brand partnerships, negotiating with brands, and delivering a strong campaign.

I have included the first 3 pages of our Influencer’s Guide below! I hope you take a look and if you love what you see, our book will be available to purchase for $20.00. It’s a 30-page, PDF e-Book to help you on your journey to working with brands.

I’ve been in the Instagram/social media world for more than 5 years, and SO much has changed. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the changes, but it’s also rewarding to adapt and grow as a brand.

My favorite part of this e-book is the “Sue’s Story” and “Jenna’s Story” sections, where we share real experiences and lessons learned. We share what has worked for us and what strategies we implement when connecting to brands and posting online.

Here is a short preview of our book, where we introduce ourselves and lay out what you can expect to read. We’d love if you checked it out or shared this blog with friends!

We are releasing the downloadable book in PDF Format on Monday, May 10th!

To keep reading more, DM either one of us @woolandvinedesign or @jonathanandjenna or email and we will be happy to set you up with the full guidebook.


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