Hyped up for HAVEN Conference!

In a few weeks, I’ll be attending my first HAVEN CONFERENCE! Originally, I was meant to fly to Atlanta, Georgia, and meet up with home decor enthusiasts and influencers, but now we get the chance to meet virtually and learn together!

I’m actually excited to learn from the comfort of my home. I get to stay safe and still learn at this conference! This year the conference will be handled by ZOOM. The Haven administrators have been so amazing to offer ZOOM help to those who need it. They have been performing ZOOM practice calls periodically throughout the past few weeks for people to participate in and it has been very helpful for many people. They want everyone to be able to navigate the Haven Conference like a pro when July comes.


This year the Heart of Haven Virtual Conference takes place July 16-18 and includes speakers, workshops, SWAG, and competitions! Basically everything you could want from a home, DIY, decor, and community event.


The reason I decided to go to Haven Conference this year was because I had heard so many other people talk about what a great experience they had last year and how much they learned from the conference. They had talked about the mentors that helped them build their confidence. Also, they talked about the wonderful classes they attended and the speakers they met. It was clear I had missed out on something last year. I knew it was a conference I was not going to miss this year. When Haven tickets went on sale this year, I was first in line! Sadly, Corona Virus hit very soon after and we know the rest of the story. It is now a virtual conference and I think it will be amazing! I can’t wait!


I am told this is one of the BEST things about Haven. I am excited to meet my mentor and hopefully he or she can help me with my whole life hahaha. Just kidding. It will be fun connecting with my mentor and everyone who will be in the group. Mentors help with questions about Haven and can really give help with brand partnering advice, as they are the experts. Mentors are there to connect with the attendees in a group setting and also in a small setting as well. Many people I have talked to have created long lasting friendships with their mentors.


I am already signed up for my first workshop and am super excited! It’s a calligraphy class with Scribble and Script hosted by TullipColorShot

Stayed tuned for progress with that one! I have always wanted to learn calligraphy. I hope I do well with this class, fingers crossed.


Something brand new this year is the launch of Heart of Haven Library. This library is a resource for ticket holders of Haven Conference to help with many things such as blogging and starting an online business. They give you the tools to help you get started in this venture.


There is a full schedule for Haven conference when you sign up. When you buy your ticket, you log into the Haven Conference website and you will have access to the full schedule and will be able to click the speakers and classes you want to attend for the times of the day you wish. There are 3 or 4 options for each time slot. However, since it is virtual, you will be able to access the recorded sessions for 90 days after the conference. That is the beauty of having a virtual conference this year. Everything is available to all attendees after the conference has concluded. Whereas if it were in person like last year, you would only be able to go to the classes in person.


I am also excited to learn about brand partnering and listen to experts who have partnered with some of the top brands in the business. There will also be some opportunities for attendees to spend time with sponsors in ZOOM meetings and I am excited to be able to pitch ideas to sponsors that I would love to work with. Some of the sponsors that will be attending Haven Conference this year are The Home Depot, Ryobi, Rustoleum, Woodgrain to name a few.


I think I am most excited about meeting and talking to people that I have been conversing with over Instagram and Facebook for years but have never seen in person. It will be great to finally meet them over ZOOM and connect in this space. I really love talking to people and connecting to their stories. I know that we all have a story to tell. The information and connections that come from Haven Conference can make all the difference.


One of the fun things about Haven, I am told,are the SWAG BAGS! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. People say they really are special and when you get them you will know why. So I am really anxious to see this SWAG BAG. I will let y’all know on this one but I am sure it will not disappoint!


If you aren’t signed up for Haven yet, join in on the fun! There are a few tickets left. They will cut off the limit at 500 and I know that it is getting close to that number. Tickets are on sale now at the havenconference.com


Hopefully I’ll take great notes and learn a lot of new things! I will be sure to write a blog post after I attend this event!

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