How to decorate a Gingerbread Christmas Tree

26 days and counting until Christmas Day! I am in full Christmas mode at my house with trees, ornaments, ribbons, garland and decor all around. It’s a big job to put out Christmas. I started early this year and I have a couple rooms left and then I am done! My whole family will be coming to our house this year, so I will have a full house here. I am looking forward to it and can’t wait till my grandkids arrive!

I decorated our main tree with a gingerbread theme. I found unfinished wood gingerbread men at the Dollar Store and went from there!

Dollar Store Gingerbread Men

I also added some faux candy that I made with supplies from the Dollar Store and Hobby Lobby using colored cellophane, ribbon, and styrofoam. They came out so cute!

I also added gingerbread houses, cookies, cupcakes, gummy bears, and anything else that I thought would go with my gingerbread theme. I found ornaments from At Home, Macy’s, and Hobby Lobby. Other ideas for gingerbread tree decor: candy canes, string popcorn, letters to Santa, colorful balls, balloons and so much more! There are no limits. If you love it, use it for your tree!

Ready to see the finished tree? Here it is!

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

I made the large red and white lollipops by glue-gunning rope and ribbon to a plastic dinner charger and then I added the wood stick.

I also added the faux candy that I made with the colored cellophane to my bannister and topped it off with icicle lights.

This tree was really fun to create and I love all of the bright colors that are displayed. I am excited to celebrate Christmas with my family and I can’t wait until my grandkids see this tree! I hope you all have a great Christmas Holiday!

For tutorials on how to make the faux candy and the lollipops, see my Tik Tok page @woolandvinedesign. Let me know in the comments about your Christmas tree or tell me something you loved about my tree!

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