Bedroom Refresh Using Mood Board Designs

Have you ever wanted to design a dream space in your home and didn’t know where to start? The best way to start is with a mood board!

With a mood board, you can include elements you want to add to your dream space. I have partnered with Carpet One Floor & Home to show you how easy it is to create your dream space using a mood board design.

In partnership with Carpet One Floor & Home, I’ll be creating my dream space using their 2021 Trending 10 Flooring Samples to help create my vision. Let’s get started!


If you are looking at creating or redesigning a space in your home, using mood boards is a great way to start! They are used to tell a design story. Samples, swatches, pictures of artwork, furniture and other elements are gathered to determine if your vision works together.

This is the first step in the design process, and many people start their projects with a virtual or physical mood board. Creating a mood board can save a lot of time on a project, as it provides a vision of what the space will look like. I find beautiful mood boards on Pinterest, full of inspiration. Another way to gain inspiration is to browse through magazines.


I’m going to be creating a physical mood board for my bedroom. I have been wanting to redesign this space for a while.

Here is a current picture of my bedroom. At first look, it’s not that bad. But it definitely has that farmhouse-meets-empty feel that could use a new, fresh look.

Here are the main items I want to change in this space through my mood board:

  • flooring
  • drapery
  • new bedding
  • new paint
  • add updated furniture

I am loving the tones of these three wood/vinyl flooring options above from Carpet One Floor & Home. I also think this patterned carpet is beautiful and would bring some texture into the space. These options would work nicely in my mood board design.



I created three mood boards using real, 3D objects and swatches. I made each board different in design, color, and style. One board is more colorful, while another is neutral and more modern.

It really helps to have the actual samples on hand, so that you can look at them in the actual space you’re working on. Seeing them in the space helps make the best decision on which product looks best.

Aren’t these so fun? Which one are you drawn to? Each time I look, I find a different one that I love more than before. The best way to start a mood board is by having a great base or foundation. My foundation for my boards were the carpet and flooring; after picking out those, I added colors, patterns, and textures.



The first board I made was a neutral board, using moody colors and balancing them with lighter fabrics. The wood flooring sample, Style: Harrison Trail – Sliced Hickory White, Color: Gray Horse (SKU# CK45605038), is a beautiful tone and anchors the room nicely. I love the use of wood here and paired with these fun patterns, would make for a lovely, calm space.

Modern Neutral Mood Board



This mood board might be my favorite. I live in Southern California, so coastal style has my heart. I love the lighter wood flooring here, paired with navy, leather, and light linen samples. I added the seashells and metallics to bring a coastal pop to this mood board. That’s the fun part about mood boards—they can be anything you want them to be!

The flooring is Mirror Lake Performance Flooring, Style: Enchanted Lake and color is Creamy. I think this light floor would be a beautiful addition to my bedroom. This mood board would be perfect for a coastal retreat DREAM!


Coastal Retreat Mood Board


My final mood board needed some color and fun. I usually don’t decorate with bright and bold patterns, but I fell in love with this one! I love the dark carpet as well and how it ties in the blues from the fabric swatch. The wood flooring would bring in a nice warmth and make my bedroom feel like a vacation resort year-round.

Tropical Color Vibes Mood Board

The flooring is wood, Style is Anchor Wharf and the Color is called Desert Sand (SKU# C1-MW-WN) This beautiful carpet is Broadloom, Style is Sweetheart Plus, Color is Midnight (SKU# RCT844C36 1200 A). I think they complement each other so well! What a fun color palette this would be for my bedroom!

Now I have three beautiful mood board options for my bedroom makeover! This was a super fun process and helps see the final vision of the space. I will use these boards when I am making my final decision on what to include in my room makeover!



Carpet One Floor & Home can help you in your design process and I love that they have The Beautiful Guarantee, which is that if you don’t like your new floor, they will replace it for free! What could be better than this? They really stand behind their craftsmanship and want you to be happy with their products. I love that about this company. They have 1000 stores nationwide to help you with all of your flooring needs!

Try the sample flooring program out where you select 6 flooring samples that you love and wait for your samples to arrive! It’s a great way to shop right from your home.

If you need me, I’ll be right here, dreaming of more fun rooms to create with these beautiful samples!

This blog is sponsored by Carpet One Floor & Home. Special thanks to our sponsors who help make this blog possible.


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