Farmhouse Doors DIY Project

I’ve always loved the farmhouse look after seeing all the beautiful pictures on Pinterest. I knew I wanted a pair of sliding barn doors somewhere in my house, so this archway was calling for a set of them. It’s a 9-foot archway, so finding doors was going to be a problem. But then I thought, “Why can’t we just make the doors ourselves?” And by “ourselves,” I mean I would turn to my handyman son-in-law, Jonathan.

In May of this year, Jonathan made these custom barn doors for our master bedroom and I love the way they turned out! This project took a few days to finish. The cost was less than $200 for the whole project. 

Hobby Lobby hardware

We bought most of the supplies at Lowes. We used pinewood slats for these doors. For the track we used black iron pipes with eyebolts to connect to the iron. We also added wheels on the bottom for convenient sliding. It sure helps to have Jonathan because this girl could not have done the carpentry work. 

Before hardware was installed

After he put the doors together, they were ready for paint! After talking to a few sources, I decided white paint was the way to go. Who doesn’t love a clean white farmhouse look? I also considered a natural wood stain or even a gray paint, but I’m so glad we stuck with classic white. We 
used Behr’s Maui Mist

Jonathan taking a break from painting

Painting took a whole day of work because we wanted the doors to fully dry. And it was quite a sight seeing 9-foot doors go up and down the stairs! I’m grateful for everyone’s work, including my husband and children. We let the doors dry outside overnight before installing them the next day. On installation day, Jonathan had attached eyebolts to the tops of the doors, and the black iron slid through those eyebolts easily! 

The final product!

After the doors were installed, the final touch was to find hardware for the doors. Some people add fancy brackets or extra iron to their doors, but I wanted simple handles to complete the look. I looked at many stores until I found the perfect handles at
Hobby Lobby!  

Styled master bedroom with finished barn doors
I love to keep the doors open for styling, and I even shut them when I’m in the bathroom area! They also buffer the noise from my husband, who gets up early for work. It was a great weekend project that the whole family helped bring to life. It’s the perfect addition for this giant, tall wall in the bedroom, and I love seeing it every day. 

DIY Barn Doors


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