Drab to FAB with DuraDecor

We have lived in our home for 15 years and there’s one room we have never changed. . . our bonus/media room. I’m talking never painted it or anything. It is still the original yellow color from when we moved into the home. Time for some changes! I am taking the wall in this room from drab to fab using Peel and Stick Vinyl Planks from DuraDecor!

This room is mainly used by my husband, who spends time playing video games and watching his favorite TV shows. Occasionally, we will have family over to watch a movie.

The Plan

Here are the things that I plan to do to update my bonus room.

Add an accent wall using DuraDecor Peel and Stick Vinyl Planks

Paint the walls a white or light gray color

Replace the ceiling fan

Add new seating and decor to update the space

Here is the before picture. DuraDecor samples on the baseboard.

The Accent Wall

I knew I wanted to do an accent wall in this space. I had seen accent walls using DuraDecor products on Instagram and they were amazing! I received my DuraDecor Peel and Stick Vinyl free of charge to facilitate this review. So I sat down and drew up a pattern that I thought would look good in the space. My son-in-law took my pattern and loaded it into a computer program he has, he sent it back to me, and I loved it immediately.

DuraDecor has easy-to-use peel and stick decorative planks, and that sounded amazing. I ordered samples first and ended up choosing Iced Barnwood.  The planks are made out of luxury vinyl and printed with high-definition images designed to replicate authentic hardwood planks. They are available exclusively at the Home Depot.

I measured my wall to see how much to order. The planks measure 6×36 and there’s 21 sq. ft. in each box. My wall is about 9 feet tall by 12 feet wide. To find the square footage, all you do is multiply ceiling height by total wall length and it gives you the square footage. I needed 7 boxes for my wall.


I have started the accent wall, and so far it is looking AMAZING!

The first thing I had to do was remove the baseboard. I used a crowbar to pry the baseboard loose. There were a couple of spots that had tiny holes once the baseboard was removed but it will be covered up when the wall is completed and the baseboard goes back on.

Baseboard is off!

Next, I needed to measure my wall and mark it. This is the most important step (in my opinion) because if your measurements are off, your pattern will be off.

After I found the wall’s center spot, I marked the wall so I could draw a line down the middle horizontally and vertically. Next, I split each of the four boxes in half and drew a line to make an X on the wall.


Safety goggles

Dust mask

Crowbar for baseboard

Tape measure – to measure the wall

Pencil – to mark the wall

Utility knife – to score the vinyl

Framer’s or speed square – to measure the cuts

Ladder if your wall is taller

Level (6-foot) – to make sure your product is applied straight

Wall or laminating 3-section roller with extendable handle – to roll onto the vinyl once it is applied to the wall


Progress shot

Here is a picture of the wall that is unfinished. It will be done very soon and I can’t wait to show you. Have you ever done a puzzle? I’m sure you have. This is like doing a puzzle on your wall! So fun and easy and if I can do it, anyone can.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

DIY with me!

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