Step Into Spring!

If you have just come from @worthingcourtblog WELCOME!  Suzy's home is gorgeous! We really love how she has incorporated spring into her beautiful home! So many beautiful ideas! SPRING HAS SPRUNG Teri and I live in Southern California and it's been raining A LOT! You know what that means? When it rains.....everything gets so green and [...]

Master Bath Renovation: Mother/Daughter Edition

What's better than one renovation? TWO!  That's right, we have a special post today because we are featuring two bathroom renovations, with before-and-after photos! One bathroom is in California and the other was in Arizona!  My master bathroom was completed around September 2018, and my daughter's master bathroom was completed just a few weeks ago!  [...]

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

If you're coming from Gratefully Vintage, welcome! We always come away filled with great inspiration when we visit Kellie's beautiful home! Love what she has done for the holidays! There are 21 days until Christmas! 3 weeks people!  And if you love the holiday season like we do, you probably look forward to the lights, [...]