Birthday Party DIY: Ribboned Lanterns

I love to decorate and I LOVE my granddaughter, so when they were in town for her 1st birthday, I knew I would be doing some birthday decorating! One of the staples that I keep on hand at all times are lanterns. I usually have many colors, shapes and sizes in my storage area (aka my garage). I like to save them all because they are so easy to decorate with and they really make a statement for any party. They add color, pizzaz, and that “wow” factor that I love when decorating.

Decor from Teri’s daughter’s reception

I like to add ribbons or torn pieces of colored material to the lanterns for added color to the party. It really makes the party POP! I can’t take the credit for adding the ribbons on the lanterns. I was helping Teri decorate for one of her daughter’s weddings, and she added ribbons to the regular lanterns. When I saw those at the wedding, I thought that was a creative touch to a regular lantern, so I bought my own and tied ribbons to them too! I think I’ll keep these hanging all summer to keep my home festive. (Also I don’t want to take them down and I’m not ready for that day just yet) Read below to see how you can create your own lantern look!

1. I bought round ribbed lanterns from the Paper Lantern Store, but you can find lanterns almost anywhere online or in craft stores. I chose white, soft pink, and some mint greens, but if you click on the link, you can see there are so many to choose from!
2. Use ribbon or pieces of fabric, anywhere from 3 feet to 5 feet in length, depending on where you hang it from. I like to mix materials and colors, like tulle, lace, cotton, etc.
3. Hang your lantern with any string you’d like! I used clear fishing wire and tied off knots to hang the lanterns. Place your lanterns at different heights for a staggered look.

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