A $10 Yard Sale Tray Turned Into Something Spectacular!

I have been going to yard sales, estate sales and thrift shops for years and I love what I can find for my home on a budget! I love vintage items and have a mix of them in my home. I have many vintage collections to include, Christmas ornaments, cameras, handbags, baskets, Santa cups, Pyrex, old books, toys, and milkglass just to name a few!

A few years ago I found a round metal tray at a yard sale for $10. This tray has 5 sections to it and I have used it at Christmastime to put vintage ornaments in and other Christmas things. But for the most part, it has been in my garage collecting rust (which in my opinion only enhances this piece)!

I decided I would up-cycle this tray with an idea I had for a Lazy Susan. I found a Lazy Susan hardware piece (8 inches) at The Home Depot for $5 and I knew that was what was going to transform my tray into something amazing!

Lazy Susan Hardware. found at The Home Depot $5

I needed a base to connect my tray with the Lazy Susan so I went to a local antique store to look around for something that would do the job. I ended up finding the perfect industrial-style base for this project! SCORE!

Base for my project found at a local antique store

I used three pieces to make this Lazy Susan tray table: the round tray from the yard sale, Lazy Susan hardware, and the industrial-style base.

The first thing I did was to place the Lazy Susan on the round tray and marked with a pen where the drill holes would go to screw it in properly. Next, I drilled the holes through the metal tray.

Now that the holes have been drilled on the tray, it’s was time to secure the Lazy Susan hardware piece to the center of my table base. I drilled four holes in the base and secured the hardware piece to it. Next I used the screws to secure the tray to the hardware piece on my table base and tightened the screws. My Lazy Susan table is completed and it works perfectly!

Next, I wanted to add a little color to this piece so I spray painted two colors on my new table, yellow and blue! Before I started spraying the paint, I taped and used tin foil to protect the parts I did not want sprayed.

Use painter’s tape and foil to cover areas you don’t want spray painted

I spray painted the blades Citrus Yellow by RUST-OLEUM. I made sure when I was spraying my piece that I had enough ventilation, outdoors does the trick. I used 2 coats of paint on this section and let it dry.

Citrus Yellow by RUST-OLEUM

The next step was to tape and foil again for the second color (this was the most time consuming part of the project). I used Light Turquoise by RUST-OLEUM to spray paint the edge of the table (2 coats).

Light Turquoise by RUST-OLEUM

Once the paint had dried, I took off the tape and foil and it looked amazing! It really pays to take extra time to tape off and secure the parts you do not want painted. You don’t want messy paint lines or overspray to get on the piece.

It’s all done!

Now, see what I do with this fun table!

This was such a fun project! It’s so fun to up-cycle something that you have had for a while and make it into something better! This table is now in my playroom for the grandkids to come and enjoy! Can’t wait till they see it in person!

I would love to see your up-cycled pieces! Tag me @woolandvinedesign and show me what you are working on and let me know what you think of my new up-cycled kids play table!

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